ManDoCar: Episode #5: SN15, Motorbikes, Bows, Boats and Completing a Hobby Project (Guest: Neil)

This time its not just two but three brothers having a natter.

We discuss SpaceX’s Starship SN15, running a canteen on the moon, Motorbikes, Bow making, carpentry, fixing dinghy’s and living life once a major hobby is complete. Neil is guest: he is a civil engineer, biker, archer and father of two.

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ManDoCar: Episode #4: SN9 Landing Sploshion, The Cost Of Hobby Cars, Alex Buys Another Boat

A new episode of Man Do Car! Two brothers just having a natter.

We discuss the Mars Rover Landing, SpaceX Starship SN9 Landing Sploshion / SN10 Non-Sploshion, the cost of Volvo 240’s, Alex Buys Another Boat, Weird Sailing Events, the cost of Hobby Cars, Expert Rigging, Twitter Bots, curbing your enthusiasm and Electric Car Chargers.

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On Projects and Hobbies

I have been building and playing with my little car for almost thirteen years now. When I first started the project I envisioned having it on the road within three years (because I wasn’t going to be one of “those people”), driving it, racing it and moving on to better things. In hindsight: I was naive.

In fact, it became a running joke. I was talking to one of my friends on the phone the other day about the car and how progress was going (it turns out I actually barely talk to people about the car anymore). I stated it would more than likely be on the road in less than a year.… Read More

ManDoCar: Episode #3, Painting Dinghy’s, Man Do Compressor, Nissan Leaf Smugness

It happened again. Alex and I got behind our microphones and discussed the state of our hobby projects and many other random pieces of Engineering.

Dinghy updates, paint types, the magic of radio 4, man do compressors, compressed air cars, the Nissan leaf, electric car ownership, tesla’s, drag simulation, smugly pre-heating your car, the Locost’s shiny bodywork and the label “sports car”

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Holiday Drag Racing, Part 2/2

Its time to simulate the big guns in drag racing; the stars of Motortrends Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings. Following on from my previous article, where I simulated my little Locost in a straight-line, I have tried my best to piece together what a No Prep car looks like on paper and what makes them able to perform a Eighth Mile Drag Race in less than 4s! Lets delve in.

“The Shocker”

The car I have loosely based my numbers on is Kye Kelley’s third generation Camaro; “The Shocker”. Kye is a top level driver and builder and is often talked about.… Read More

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